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Why Franchising ?

Franchising as a business model has witnessed high success rate globally. A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of each business day. Statistics reveal that more than 80% of new start ups close down within 5 years, whereas 80% of franchisees are still successful after 5 years. Success stories show that franchisee start ups that adhere to the franchise system and standards rarely fail. Franchising has been an extremely successful business model in the Global Training & Recruitment Industry.

Why NSHM Udaan Skills Foundation ?

NSHM is among the leaders in the Higher Education, Training & Recruitment industry. NSHM Is the top of the mind education brand of the country. We bring to you a various cross functional teams that assures your success through the installation and deployment of a proven business model. NSHM Skills is one of the fastest growing and highly profitable Training & Recruitment Company of India.

Due to our invaluable expertise in placing students, NSHM Skills has been the preferred choice of Individuals & professionals aspiring to further their career ambitions. Although a young company with 15 yrs of experience, NSHM Skills has invaluable expertise in terms of a successful business model, franchising support, top-notch staff training and attractive returns for those who choose to partner it. We are actively seeking qualified franchisees and Master Franchisees in select territories to join our global network of franchised training centers. Owning a NSHM Skills franchise provides you with the advantage of working from a proven business model, using procedures that have been perfected over time, and benefiting from the experience of ours.

As demand for Vocational & Communication skills training & Professionals in India continues to rise, given India's pre-eminent position as the global off-shoring / outsourcing destination. Moreover, as more and more MNC's pouring in India & companies within the country, including those in the public sector, look to optimize their business process, the demand for qualified Individual with various vocational skills with Good English Communication Skills will be unabated in the foreseeable future. Employers are on the lookout for Individuals with expertise in sectoral vocational skills, English Communication skills. They lament the lack of adequate quality in the communication & soft skills of students coming straight from mainstream education streams thus leading to a serious shortfall in the industry. This widening gap between demand and supply is the BIG opportunity for those in the Training and Recruitment sector. Would you like to make the most of this opportunity?

Partners Opportunity with NSHM Udaan Skills Foundation ?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in the Vocational skills Training & Recruitment sector, then a NSHM Skills franchise will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals, as we offer you a dual business opportunity in the Training and Recruitment Industry.

Partner With us - NSHM Udaan Skills Foundation ?

NSHM Skills has been one of the leading providers in Job Oriented Vocational Training & Recruitment for more than 150 companies in India. NSHM Skills has trained more than 10,000 students and is tied-up to major Retail/ Automobiles/ Hospitality/ BFSI/ BPO's / KPO/ Mobile & Laptop Repairing / IT Software & Reality & Construction companies like Godrej/ HDFC Bank / Sodexho/ Pantaloons/ Lehman Brothers/ JP Morgan Chase to name a few and many more.

We have been successful in the business with our own Centers.
This is an attempt to motivate & support the upcoming entrepreneurs to venture into the Training & recruitment business model.

1. Leverage a well established brand that is well recognized.
2. Start with comparatively low initial establishment costs.
3. Franchisees are provided complete guidance and training to run their centers.
4. Franchisees play an important role in deciding the promotion of Lets Talk centers in their area of operation.
5. Course fees are finalized in consultation with Business Partners, taking into account local market conditions.
6. Detailed Operations manuals and processe.
7. Center Management, Faculty and Sales training.

Some of the key courses as a part of Individual & Corporate Training:

1. English Communications Skills
2. Mobile & Laptop Repair
3. Soft Kills
4. Personality Enhancement BPO Training
5. Retail
8. Automobile
9. Building & Construction
10. IT Courses - Oracle/Microsoft/CISCO & CompTia
11. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
12. BFSI


1. We offer job opportunities across the following Industries IT, BPO , KPO , Retail , Banking & Finance
2. Latest and updated Curriculum
3. Courseware and Promotional material
4. Sales and Marketing, Technical and Systems support
5. Profitable, sustainable and scalable business

Partner With us - NSHM Udaan Skills Foundation ?

500 - 900 sq.ft. Area in the main commercial center of the town/city (own or rented), easily accessible by bus or local train.
Applicant must be in the age group of 18-48 years.
A well furnished front office and two fully equipped classroom of 300 sq.ft.
Faculty and course counselor (Recruited & Trained by NSHM Skills).
Rs.5-6 lakhs as initial investment based on the location.
Commitment and good administrative skills.
Dedication - The franchisee must spend at least 50% of his/her time at the center.