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Diploma in Finance Accounting & Banking (DFAB)

What is Finance?

Finance is what keeps the world of business alive. A smooth functioning financial system is the foundation of economic property. Therefore, in depth knowledge about Finance and Accounting opens virtually countless doors in the job market .According to Sonal Agarwal,Director ,Accord Group ,base compensation at the starting level, has gone up by 15-20 percent. At the higher level, it is largely the variable compensation that comes in to the picture.

The time for career in Finance is right as India has gradually emerged as an economic powerhouse. Currently ,the fourth largest economy ,India is on the road to become the third largest one.

India was comparatively stable during the global recession. Now, the nation is back on the track of progress. Logically ,more than 100 Indian companies have a market capitalisation of over $1 billion.125 Fortune 500 companies have R&D labs in India. Backed by the environment of growth ,employment CAGR is at 26% and is still growing.